4 Steps to Buy a Car Using In-House Financing

If you are flat out with a fast paced, busy lifestyle, you want to make buying your next car as easy as possible. It would be nice to have the cash available to do just that, but in reality, it is not always the case. We offer certified used cars, not in-house financing but with options that can qualify you on the road right away thanks to our large network of lenders.

Here are the best things about in-house auto financing

1. You are in Safe Hands

With a reputable auto dealer, you know that the loans you receive will come from trustworthy sources. You will also have the chance to talk everything through with your assigned in-house financial manager so that you are completely clear with your payment plan. There will be no nasty surprises buying a car using non in-house financing.

2. Credit Ratings don't Matter

If you are struggling to get a car loan due to a poor credit score, in house auto financing is a great option for you. Many in house finance dealerships do not take credit ratings into account at all. This means that even if you have been declined by other loan companies in the past, you can still purchase a great car from a dealer using non in-house financing but getting it through our large network of lenders.

3. Loans you can manage

Within house financing, cars are more affordable than you might think. These dealership often offer incentives such as zero down payments and low monthly rates as they work with a huge network of lenders. Getting a car loan in-house is possible even if you don't have the cash to spare right away. You will be able to make payments that are comfortable for you so that you are not financially stretched every month.

4. Huge Time Savings

Rather than securing your loan and then buying your car from two separate companies, everything happens in one place, which saves you both time and effort. Not only that, but some auto dealers will be able to approve your loan through their network of lenders on the very same day you apply. If you are under time pressure to get on the road, this is the fastest option by miles.

Similar options to In-House Auto Financing

Opting for auto financing in-house gives you peace of mind while saving time too. We offer the perfect combination of top quality used cars that's not in-house financing options that can qualify you on the road right away. We have a fantastic range of quality used vehicles and flexible repayment schedules to suit you. If you are looking for a used car in Ontario, drop in to Garston Motors or apply for a car loan online today.

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