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Are you in Hamilton with Low Credit to Buy a Car?


There might be dealerships in Hamilton, but none with the lenders network we work with

200+ Vehicles to Choose From
With over 20 years experience and more than a decade serving Hamilton Ontario, our bad credit finance specialists will work with you to analyze your situation and get you the new car you need. No matter what your situation, network of lenders in Hamilton and the rest of Ontario ensure you the best possible finance options for your budget.
Garston Motors provides the lowest rates available on bad credit car loan in Hamilton Ontario area. With finance specialists with specific expertise in bad credit, you can qualify for an auto loan at an affordable rate, regardless of your credit situation. We look forward to serving Hamilton Ontario and get you the loan you need even if you have bad credit.
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Looking for a Used Car, Bad Credit and Living in Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton bad credit car loans are a great option to get a used car at an affordable rate. Don't shell out thousands of dollars for your new car up front, finance a car at an affordable bi-weekly payment today!
We are specialists in:
New to Country
Missed Payments
No Credit
Slow Credit
With warranty options available on all of our vehicles, Garston Motors can protect your finances should something go wrong. Choose a dealership that stands behind its product. If you are in Hamilton financing a used car with bad credit, contact Garston Motors today!