Used Vehicle Leasing at Low Interest Rates


We Can Lease your Next Pre-Owned Vehicle!

Most people consider used car leasing for one reason: low monthly payments. With leasing, your monthly payments can be 30-40% lower than getting a car loan for the same term. With qualified credit, your options are considerably increased by taking leasing into account. You must have good credit if you want to lease a used car - usually better credit than if you were buying your pre-owned car with a loan. Since leasing is often confused with renting, it's a common misconception that leasing doesn't require a credit check or a good credit score.

Ask us about Car Leasing for Foreign Students or Vehicle Leasing for New Canadians in Kitchener or Waterloo. 

Things to Consider When Leasing a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Save tax

From a financial perspective, used car leasing limits the amount of tax you pay. That's because you don't pay tax on the entire value of the pre-owned vehicle, but just on how much you actually use the vehicle during your lease. What's more, that tax is spread out and paid along with your monthly lease payment.

Increased cash flow

As an added bonus, you don't need much of a down payment, if any. That means you can free up cash for other things, including investments that may actually increase in value. It's an important point, especially when you think about depreciation.

Minimal depreciation

It's a well-known fact that a vehicle begins to lose value the moment you drive it off the lot. But leasing your used car limits that depreciation to a pre-determined, partial value of the vehicle. And if you invest the money you'll save by leasing, you'll be that much further ahead.

More for your money

Because the monthly payment is so low, you're able to drive a more luxurious model or get additional features.

Easier expense control

A used vehicle has lower maintenance costs. Since the vehicle is usually still under warranty, you probably won't get surprised by any big bills. If something major goes wrong with the car, it's probably covered.

Factors to Consider When Leasing a Used Car in Ontario Canada

People lease a used car for many reasons - but the most common reason that resonates with everyone is to drive a newer car while paying a fraction when compared with the cost of a brand new car. Similarly-- a used car is leased with an upfront payment and then garnished with small monthly payments.

Below you will find a small guide to help you lease a car in Ontario with minimum fuss and maximum optimization of your premium dollars. 

Upfront Payment

One of biggest issues that consumers face in the used car leasing industry is the question of upfront payments. 

You do not have to lose your hair over this - fill out our online car financing application, and you will land on your feet with several options.

Whether you buy a used car or lease it, once you drive it off the lot, its value drops. But these are obvious variables that you should know - We can summarize the points in the fine print for you.

Low Monthly Payments and Mileage

There is usually a mileage limit on your lease that could range from 10,000 to 20,000 per year - contact us to find out the exact number.

In the end, you should have a clear picture and the best way to do that is to consult your car dealer and ask questions.

Asking questions will not only help you gain more knowledge, it will help your car dealer understand your requirements - In the end, you will have the best options.

For more information on how leasing can work for you, contact us filling out the form below. We are here for all your vehicle needs!

Fleet / Business Leasing

We can offer leasing for a variety used assets or commercial trucks that are integral to your core business. We can meet our business customers' needs for all types of specialty vehicle leasing in many industries.

Key Benefits & Features

Leasing allows you to tailor your payment and vehicle usage to the specific needs of your business. That way, we can help you achieve your strategic business priorities.

Let our experts help you find the right vehicle solution for your business. We can order the vehicles for you. You can also choose a lease-to-own type solution.

  • Diversity
    Our portfolio includes many different industries and types of vehicles. We can also customize your vehicles with added features - just let us know what you need. You'll want to set your lease term considering each asset according to what makes sense for the use of that asset.

  • Convenience
    With a lease line, you can eliminate both the uncertainty and the delays. For a business that needs to make ongoing vehicle equipment purchases, we provide the lease line before you buy-so you know how much credit you have access to in advance.

  • Flexibility
    Leasing is a great way to manage the cash flow of your business by not incurring the capital expenditure and aligning the lease cost with your usage of that asset. Look at  used ones, and talk to us about a sale and leaseback options if you need a cash infusion.

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