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Used Cars Kitchener Waterloo Area Buying Guide

Used cars in Kitchener Waterloo

Should you buy used car or brand new?

Your new car loses value the moment you drive it off the car lot. In fact, the minute you sign the paperwork, your vehicle depreciates in value. Lightly used late model vehicles have already taken the large turn of deprecation shorty after your purchase, if you are ok with buying a vehicle with a small amount of mileage on it, you can still benefit from the incentives of the manufacturer's warranty. These used car warranties are transferred over to the new owner for the rest of the period provided by the manufacturer.
Also bear in mind that most franchise dealers add products/taxes that customers must pay when buying a brand new car. These type of fees, products, and taxes don't apply to pre-owned vehicles.
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Why should I buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

The answer is simple: peace of mind and security.
Our dealership offers a multi-point inspection and a reconditioning process in which a hundred or more mechanical, appearance and safety items are inspected. It also repairs or replaces any deficient part to give the vehicle a clean bill of health with only premium replacements.
You will also be given a CarProof Report, which documents the history of the vehicle including insurance and ownership records. These programs provide many benefits to car buyers, including peace of mind knowing that the vehicle comes with many protections and usually problem-free for many years.